Shrink healthcare costs.
Yes, really.

ImmediPay provides an innovative, effective solution to the soaring costs of employer-provided healthcare programs for employers, employees, and even providers. We reduce the burden of high healthcare costs, so you can focus on the moments that matter most.

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Employer-provided healthcare programs are becoming an unaffordable employee benefit.

The Employer Problem
The Employee Problem

High deductibles aren’t working for anyone.

Employer plans increased deductibles hoping employees would be motivated to make more cost-conscious choices and lower program costs. It hasn't worked.

Lack of Tools

Employees do not have pricing information, tools, or support to shop for less expensive, more convenient, or higher-quality providers.

Medical Care Delayed

Families are deferring medical procedures until they’ve met their deductibles, which can be costly and bad for their health.

Heavy Collection Costs

Healthcare providers must collect large deductibles from many patients instead of from of a few insurance companies... increasing costs.


An employer-funded healthcare program that works for everyone is just what the doctor ordered.

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Offers employers a benefit program that's appreciated and affordable

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Provides employees control and reduced financial burden

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Reduces administrative and collection burden for providers

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Aligns employers, employees and providers in flattening the healthcare cost curve

ImmediPay provides you with the ideal employer-provided healthcare solution.

Employees can now shop for — and award their business to — the healthcare providers who deliver the most value to their families... saving money for both employees and their employers.

No Deductibles

Every medical purchase is reimbursed up to a market benchmark price.

You Have Control

Patients decide which provider is best for them, with no network restrictions.

Tools to Make the Best Choices

Choose a provider based on price,  satisfaction ratings, and more - from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Immediate Payment

Providers are paid same-day via credit card… no claims or billing hassle, and no collection delays.


Using ImmediPay, our employees are helping us control healthcare costs without all the heavy-handed meddling in their lives that we did with our previous plan.


We've always provided great care and great prices. We appreciate that ImmediPay brings us a patient who cares about both and pays us immediately.


ImmediPay's pricing information shows me the big cost differences. By shopping and choosing the best providers for me, I've cut my out-of-pocket expenses to almost nothing.

Primary Benefits

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Employees are motivated to make good healthcare decisions.

They're in the game with employers in managing healthcare costs, with tools and support to be successful.

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Employers enjoy significant spend reductions.

Lower spending means lower premiums and an affordable program for employees and employers.

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Employees are compensated for buying smart.

Purchases at market benchmark require no employee contribution, and purchases below market benchmark earn credits to use in the future.

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Employees enjoy more control and lower out-of-pocket contributions.

With no deductibles and no networks, employees save money and go where they want when they want.

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Providers are rewarded for delivering value.

Great ratings and great pricing are prominently displayed in search results and win patient volume and loyalty.

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Providers realize significant cost savings in claims administration, billing, and write-offs.

Providers pricing at the market benchmark are fully reimbursed on the day of service - no billing, no hassle.


ImmediPay really works. Here’s how.

Our shopping program is a straightforward process that empowers patients to make the best healthcare decisions for them.


Find providers in your market, for your healthcare needs, based on price, distance, and ratings.


Confirm and compare pricing and check availability with providers.


Pick the best provider for you, and go get the service.


Account for any difference in what you planned versus what you got from the provider.


Pay the provider immediately with a single-use ImmediPay credit card.

Transformative Technology

ImmediPay's desktop and mobile applications untangle the complexity of healthcare shopping. We guide users through the process of defining medical services, selecting the best providers, confirming prices, and settling and paying the bill.

Supportive Community

As an employee using ImmediPay, you're part of a community of people supporting one another by sharing provider price quotes, transactions, service satisfaction ratings, and insights.

Excellent Customer Service

Whether answering simple questions or assisting in shopping complex medical needs, ImmediPay provides caring and expert support to help our users successfully navigate the healthcare market and purchase services that are right for them.


ImmediPay really delivers. Here's proof.


By simply taking advantage of cash price differences for services across providers, an ImmediPay client in a small midwestern city reduced annual claims spending by 40%.


After 2 years of experience, employees of an ImmediPay service industry client enjoy average family out-of-pocket savings over $7,000 per year versus their conventional health insurance plan.

< $30

40% of ImmediPay purchases have patient contributions of $0-$30 or even earn reward credits. 80% are less than $100 -- significantly lower than patient deductibles and co-insurance with conventional health insurance.


It's about time. The ImmediPay program is just what the market needs.

We have a benefit program, not a burden.

"We hated forcing so much expense on our employees, but our old healthcare plan became so costly, we had no choice. Now with ImmediPay, we have a benefit program that's a benefit and not a burden."

It feels great to be able to afford healthcare.

"I'm 40 years old and this is the first time I have had employer health coverage. It's the first time I could afford it, and it feels great!"

The savings are definitely worth the effort.

"Shopping for healthcare feels a little strange and complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, the savings are definitely worth it.”

We’ll take all the business we can get.

"We get paid immediately? We'll take all the business we can get."

Our employees have control.

"Our old healthcare plan had us way too involved in our employees' personal business. With ImmediPay, we're confident our employees have the information, tools, and incentives to make good decisions for themselves and for the company."

I love knowing I'm being treated fairly.

"ImmediPay's technology and data lets me easily see that the prices I'm paying my healthcare providers are fair for my market and that I'm choosing good providers."

We’re proud of our accomplishments!

ImmediPay is a different and entirely better approach to employer-funded healthcare. Feedback has been terrific; award recognition is really nice, too!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do patients "shop" during a medical emergency?

Typically, they don't. For emergency situations, ImmediPay works much like conventional health insurance today. Patients might pick a hospital trauma center from a few options or may only have one option. In either case, ImmediPay simply works with the patient to settle the bill with the hospital after emergency care has been provided. If a patient chooses to visit an emergency room facility for treatment in a non-emergency situation, the patient is responsible for costs in excess of normal care prices.

Does ImmediPay also cover prescription drugs, dental, and vision?

This depends on the individual plan rules determined by the employer.

Can an individual buy ImmediPay?

No ImmediPay is an employer-provided program.

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