How It Works

Our shopping program empowers our members with tools, data, and support to make the best healthcare decisions for them and for their families.

The ImmediPay application guides members through a straightforward five-step process:


Define what healthcare services you likely need and identify potential providers:

Services & Codes

The healthcare industry defines and bills services using a complex system of service codes and descriptions - everything from exams and physical therapy treatments to lab and imaging tests. ImmediPay lets you easily navigate this vast library to access the proper service descriptions and codes for your situation.  

Shopping Advice

Each type of healthcare service includes helpful advice on how to shop smart for that service - clarifying provider practices, anticipating potential additional services in your situation, ensuring full disclosure and avoiding nasty surprises.

Provider Data

ImmediPay's proprietary provider data gives you estimated costs for the procedures you are shopping, detailed history of recent quotes and purchases, and satisfaction ratings for shopping and overall service. You can also filter and compare providers based on cost, ratings, distance, and specialty.


Contact providers and confirm pricing for your specific list of services:

Comprehensive Worksheet

The Confirm process includes a live worksheet to record prices by service and provider and quickly identify price differences vs historical data or potential inconsistences in service definitions or pricing practices.

Easy Comparisons

Easily compare current quoted prices by service and total costs across providers. Evaluate various cost scenarios with certain and potential services to choose the best provider for you based on costs, satisfaction ratings, and appointment availability.


Choose your provider and summarize your quoted services and prices:

Summary Document

Your appointment Agreement is a documented summary of services and prices quoted to you by the provider. It also details ImmediPay's Market Benchmark price for each service and your Reward or You Pay amount. It goes with you in your smart phone to your appointment, but you can also print it or email it to provider to ensure mutual understanding.

Easily Add Services & Pricing

Certain appointments like office visits often have services added during the visit such as labs, imaging, injections, or screenings. Often, patients are asked to immediately agree to these additional services with no pricing information. Typcially, your doctor doesn't know the price either. ImmediPay allows you to easily define the service being added, obtain a price from your provider and immediately compare it with other prices in your market. Similarly, physicians refer patients to specialists without knowing anything about their pricing. The ImmediPay app allows you and your physician to immediately see pricing for a referral and potentially choose a different option.


Settle any differences between your provider's final invoice and your appointment agreement:

Correct Line Item Detail

With the ImmediPay phone application, you can easily edit quantities, prices, and service codes, delete any services you quoted but did not use, or add any additional services that you did not document during the appointment. You can also separate items that may be billed later by a different provider such as a lab, radiologist, or pathologist.

Use Rewards Credits

If your provider's charges exceed ImmediPay's Market Benchmark Prices,  your You Pay amount can be offset with rewards earned in previous transactions. Your Reward balances are earned and useable by your entire family.


Pay your provider immediately with a credit card:

Single Use Credit Card

With the ImmediPay app, you shop and purchase healthcare services then pay immediately with a single-use credit card. Your provider will be delighted to receive payment immediately with no claims administration or billing and collection expenses. Nearly every provider offers a discount for same-day payment.

Satisfaction Survey

After payment, the ImmediPay app asks for feedback on your satisfaction with the provider. Candid feedback from multiple ImmediPay community members allows accurate insight into the provider's service experience and quality.