The Solution

Employees can now shop for and award their business to the healthcare providers who deliver the most value to their families... saving money for both employees and their employers.

The ideal employer-funded healthcare benefit meets the needs of employers, employees and providers.

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Offers employers a benefit program that's appreciated and affordable

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Provides employees control and reduced financial burden

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Reduces administrative and collection burden for providers

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Aligns employers, employees and providers in flattening the healthcare cost curve

ImmediPay is just what the doctor ordered:

ImmediPay aligns employees with employers in being cost-conscious, starting with financial incentives to shop for good prices.

  • No deductibles. Every purchase is reimbursed up to a market benchmark price.
  • Purchases under the benchmark price earn employees credits they can use later.
  • Employees pay only the difference for purchases above the benchmark price.

We provide patients with tools, info, and support to successfully shop for medical services.

  • Easy to use phone and computer application
  • Interactive catalog of procedures and codes
  • Provider quote and purchase prices captured by a community of members helping each other
  • Easy step-by-step process
  • Knowledgeable support for patients shopping for complex medical purchases

Smart shopping is a big savings opportunity.

  • Major pricing differences exist in the market; which is fundamentally why our program works!

ImmediPay motivates providers to offer good prices, good service, and shopping ease.

  • Employees are paid up to the market benchmark price immediately via credit card, which means no claims administration, no billing and collection costs, no write-offs for providers.
  • Provider invoices and collects from patients for any amount over the market benchmark price.
  • Patient selections are heavily influenced by provider information displayed in application; things like pricing, service satisfaction ratings, and shopping ease ratings.

Employer Benefits

  • Employee engagement in smart healthcare buying, along with significant reduction in claims cost
  • Full transparency on claims experience, purchase pricing by procedure and provider, and employee shopping and purchasing behavior
  • Community of employers and best practice learnings
  • Benefit program employer can afford and employees can appreciate

Employee Benefits

  • Employee control: Go wherever is best for you and your family, no network restrictions
  • Get medical services when needed: No delayed care waiting for deductibles to be reached
  • Cost savings: Lower premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, with opportunities to earn rewards

Provider Benefits

  • Market share from visibility in shopping results
  • Reach patients looking for value
  • Immediate, same-day payment
  • No claims administration costs
  • No collections and write-offs for purchases at market benchmark pricing
  • No network price negotiation and agreements
  • Steady business throughout the year - no spikes in demand at year end when deductibles are reached
  • Ability to offer better referral service - insights into prices for other providers
  • No time-burden of investigating and explaining patient insurance rules