Success Stories

Beyond the macro-savings results, ImmediPay is making real differences for employees, their families, their employers, and the healthcare providers they choose to do business with. Their stories motivate us!


It's about time. The ImmediPay program is just what the market needs.

We have a benefit program, not a burden.

"We hated forcing so much expense on our employees, but our old healthcare plan became so costly, we had no choice. Now with ImmediPay, we have a benefit program that's a benefit and not a burden."

It feels great to be able to afford healthcare.

"I'm 40 years old and this is the first time I have had employer health coverage. It's the first time I could afford it, and it feels great!"

The savings are definitely worth the effort.

"Shopping for healthcare feels a little strange and complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, the savings are definitely worth it.”

We’ll take all the business we can get.

"We get paid immediately? We'll take all the business we can get."

Our employees have control.

"Our old healthcare plan had us way too involved in our employees' personal business. With ImmediPay, we're confident our employees have the information, tools and incentives to make good decisions for themselves and for the company"

I love knowing I'm being treated fairly.

"ImmediPay's technology and data lets me easily see that the prices I'm paying my healthcare providers are fair for my market and I'm choosing good providers."